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Artist | Student | Literature
Hey there!I'm just going to drop a few things here...
I love to write (mostly short stories and flash fics) and PC games (Dota 2, Borderlands 2, some of Assassin's Creed series and a few more. Add me on Steam if you want to play together :D). I watch some anime and read some manga... so... yeah...
I'm here to share my works and find some friends even though I'm the a-little-bit-shy type.
I guess that's all for now. See you~


White clouds drifted over the horizon. Small birds glided in the air, scattered like black spots in the sky. The cold breeze blew and the leaves rustled in unison. People took their time to enjoy the fine weather. Some took their dogs out for a walk; some strolled around the park and then sat on benches to exchange pleasantries.

I shoved a pair of earphones that blared rock music into my ears. The sound vibrated into my brain and the lyrics pierced my soul. I locked my gaze on the dark asphalt as I walked. In the corners of my eyes, people were always laughing. Their smiles were too bright, almost blinding me.

I do not belong here... I thought as I turned to a bridge. I'm sure they think I'm the scum of society and I should rot in the sewers for good. If only I could do something to change that. I stopped there and fixed my eyes at the calm river below.

There I saw a reflection of a man with a dark, familiar face. He wasn't far from me, and he too was staring at the quiet water. I lifted my head and looked at him. There was something about him that I couldn't put into words. His complexion showed that he was full of hatred and anger, yet when I looked into his eyes; it was full of despair and sadness as if calling for help.

He climbed the railing of the stone bridge. Time seemed to tick slower that it should be. The car horns fell into a distance. And it hit me. The man in front of my eyes was me.
I ran to him and said, “No! Don't jump!”

I extended my arms to catch him. But I missed him by a hair’s breadth. I cried and cried. Alas, it was too late. I fell to my knees; tears welled up in my eyes and down my cheeks. My heart pounded so hard I couldn't breathe. My train of thought ran fast and heavy with guilt. I screamed on the top of my lungs. Then everything went black.

And that’s when I realized that it was the one hundred and thirtieth time I failed to stop myself from taking my own life. Every time I would not know it until it was too late. This was my punishment.
Bill Garner. That is the name of my owner.

Every morning, he comes into my room and rinses me under the cold tap water. He always put a blue tube labelled 'toothpaste' above me and squeezes out its content which then ooze on me. Then he proceeds to put me into the hole on his face. Every day, I greet the same rows of cubical bones. I wonder why they are so clean in the morning, but not so at night.

I have to admit he has a bad breath. I cannot complain though, there is someone who has it far worse than me – the lavatory. Bill will throw me out in a month or two, but the lavatory has to endure his excrement for years. I wonder… how does he keep his sanity?

And I wonder… why does Bill look different today? His eyes are bulging with fear His clothes are wet with his sweat and… red-brown stain?

Eh…? Isn’t that his wife Marcy? What is she doing lying in the tub with some sticky liquid? I’d never thought she would take a bath in crimson water. She is a woman of hygiene. Everything in front of her has to be spick-and-span.

A strange tool I have never seen is in his hands. It’s a C shaped frame with a long blade. I heard that the strange tool can cut through anything – metal, plastic pipes, branches, even flesh and bones. He presses the blade against Marcy’s thighs and starts to cut them off. The same red liquid spurts out, tarnishing the blue tiled walls. He then puts her legs in a big black bag. He does the same to her long arms and again, the scarlet fluid paints the room red.
And last, with his alien tool, he severs Marcy’s head.

Oh no… I got some on me too. I guess I can’t clean Bill’s mouth anymore. That’s a relief. I hope I will be recycled as something better in the future.
Twilight. The time when the skies are the calmest blue entwined with the softest lilac. It was the work of the Angels. Once, people used to rest as soon as the skies were dark. The twinkle of the stars scattered around the faint moon, decorating the bleak atmosphere.

Time passed. People changed. They have neglected nature and destroyed forests. They built concrete pillars and roaring engines. The fumes from the machines have soiled the clean air the earth once had, and now the stars are hiding, waiting for their time to shine again.

A man watched the last slivers of the sunlight faded away from his sight. When he looked down, cars and motorcycles buzzed below him. People walked around with sheep eyes, trying to fulfil their... dreams.  He pondered. Did people stop caring about anything other than work? Was there anything more valuable than money? How many years have each people wasted for some pieces of papers? How foolish I was to follow their footsteps. I could’ve been free much sooner…

But his thoughts didn’t wander for long. It didn’t matter anymore. His hands held his true love’s and all of his worries are gone. They sighed at such a breath taking view, at a scenery busy city folks seldom experience.

“I love you,” the man whispered.

“I love you too,” she muttered. Her lips curved into a smile. “All that we have done will be worth it. We can now be together forever.”

They giggled and counted together, “Three.”

“Two.” Memories of all their hardships they went through and the happiness they shared flooded through their heads.

“One.” The sun disappeared from the horizon.

The two figures jumped from a five hundred feet skyscraper and were never seen again.
     Plants are full of wonder. One tiny seed can turn into an enormous tree.

     People might not realize that plants are the most important living creatures on Earth. They produce the air we breathe. They fill our bellies and the animals we eat. They can be made into medicines that will save our lives. And with the right dose, they too, can be made into weapons.

     Without them, we will be powerless. Dead.

     A pleasant smell filled the kitchen, stirring up the appetite of those who entered. Inside the stove was honey glazed steak with juice oozing out of each cut. With her dark hair tied up, she cut some potatoes and washed them under tap water. She let her thoughts wander while her hands were working with the potatoes. She boiled and mashed them, then sprinkled salt and pepper as the finishing touch. She brewed chamomile tea for herself and when the timer rang, she cut the steak into two portions – each for her daughter and her husband.

     She placed each plate on the dining table and said, “Dinner is served!”

     Soon her family gathered. She took aside a few spoonful mashed potatoes for herself and stared at her family. Her daughter was holding an iPad, her empty eyes were glues to the screen. She did not even glance at her own food. And her husband was nothing better. Although his mouth was chewing the juicy meat, his attention was on the TV.

     She looked at her spouse’s rough hands. Once, those hands held hers gently and ran through her hair, assuring her that everything would be alright. Not long after their marriage, he would sweep her off her feet and the rest of the day would turn into a sweet date. Her chest throbbed thinking about those days.

     But now… those times were just memories.

     She watched her family moved their cutlery and the pieces of meat into their mouths. Bite. Chew. Chew. Swallow. Repeat. Bite. Chew. Chew. Swallow. Repeat. Bite. Chew. Chew. Swa-

     Her daughter cried out, her eyes wet with tears and her face was as white as paper. Her little hands were holding her own neck, “Mom… Dad… I…”

     She struggled and writhed in pain. Within a few seconds her body crashed to the floor. Her mother sipped her tea, unblinking. Her father stood up and stared at her dead daughter in disbelief and then his eyes trailed to his own empty plate. Realizing what had happened, he stepped towards his wife.

     “What have you done?!”

     “And what have you done? Did you think that I was so naïve?” she said, her lips pursed into a frown, “Don’t worry… our daughter did not suffer. But you will. Your vision will be blurred. Your muscle will become tense. You will be struggling for life, but only to be filled with terror knowing that you will die.”

     “I… ugh… nno…” he fell to his knees, gurgling and fighting, holding on to his dear life.

     “I don’t want you to become a ghost and haunt me,” she knelt in front of him and caressed his cheek, “I gave you a mixture of a plant with the same name she has. Ironic isn’t it? The woman you lavish with love will be the one to kill you.”

     Her husband crashed towards her, flailing his arms around.

     “It hurts, doesn’t it? It burns, right? It’s the same feeling when I found out that you have been sharing your bed with her. She took you away from me,” she sighed, “Belladonna… it’s a pity such beautiful name has taken you away from me.”

     She paused and caressed his dark hair. Her mind wandered through her memories – the love they once shared… the sweet words they exchanged.

     “Did you know that women used Belladonna to make their eyes look stunning? They believed that it would make any man fall in love with them. But a lot of them became blind after using it,” tears welled up in her eyes, “She must have bewitched you with the same eyes.”

     By the time she finished her sentence, her husband laid still on her lap; his soul gone. She threw her arms around him and whispered, “It’s alright, my dear.”

     “With this you are forever mine.”
Love… what is love…? The word ‘love’ and ‘romance’ were alien to me. I could only smile whenever my friends asked me about my love life. On a few occasions – birthday party or a reunion –   they introduced me to their male friends, thinking that I might be interested in them. But I was not the kind who could find romance with a snap of a finger and all I could do was laugh. Of course, my friends believe in true love, that one day they’ll find their soulmate and spend the rest of their lives with them.

Well… I was not one of them.

I kept wandering around the streets with a single strand of hope to find that love was real. I was curious. What would it be like to fall in love? How does it feel to have someone to accompany you throughout your life? On sunny days there were always couples holding hands on the streets or at the park, sharing warmth. They exchange sweet words and promises, and there were always couples that would make others jealous.

But love could be torture as well. There were also unrequited ones, and sometimes, love could tear us apart from those we hold dear. Those who were faithful would be driven to madness and even take their own life. I knew that love is a path that can lead me to heaven and hell.

That day, I almost thought that all hope was lost. I thought that maybe love wasn’t for me. The sun started to hide under the horizon when dark clouds gathered above my head. Small grey circles fell on the street and started to form puddles. Drops of water fell on my head as panic seeped through my heart. The shutters of the shops were all drawn and not one figure could be seen.
As the cold wind blew, the bitter cold air froze my limbs and the pain forced me to stop. How stupid I am to forget my umbrella, I thought. Drenched from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, I clutched myself and rested under the translucent canopy of a bus stop. There I sat and waited for the rain to pass.

The patter of the rain made a tinny music that almost lulled me to sleep – until a shadow slipped through the corner of my eyes. I woke up immediately and looked around, wary of my surroundings. I had to make sure I was safe in this lone street. I looked up in fear and curiosity. In front of me stood a stranger with a black umbrella, holding out his free hand to me.

“Are you alright?” he said. The first words he said to me revealed his soft, husky voice. It was like finding an oasis in a scorching desert.

“Uh… oh, yes I am.” I reached my hand and my fingers gripped his big hand for support. My heart skipped a beat as out skin touched, for a moment I thought it was going to burst.

My legs must have been staggering back then. His eyebrows twitched and his grey eyes glinted with concern. “You don’t look like you are,” he said, “let me escort you home.”

“Ah, my house is just a block away. I’m just resting here.” I scurried away with the image of warming myself in front of the fireplace with a cup of peppermint tea.

With light steps he followed me, until his umbrella was above our heads. The sweet smell of vanilla and cinnamon choked me as he got closer. “Here, at least you won’t get wet.”

Why would he care about a stranger? I thought. My cheeks felt hot back then – I must have looked stupid. But the stranger did not say anything about my complexion.

“What’s a lady doing here?” A lady?! Geez, what a sweet talker.

“I’m just… taking a walk.” I twirled my fingers inside my pocket.

“But it’s dangerous out here. Don’t you know that crooks lurk at night? They will attack anyone,” he said, “especially someone as captivating as you are.”

My heart flustered and it felt like my cheeks went even hotter. We continued to chat under the umbrella and within a few minutes, we talked about our lives as if we had known each other for a long time. I learned a lot about him, about his tabby cat May, his journey in training to become a pâtissier. His deep voice and bold personality made his stories interesting. All the time my heart raced and my heart whispered to me that he was the one. My other half.

But time was not something that we could not control. It passed quickly whenever we are in our happiest moments. I thought of spending more time with him, maybe I could even make him mine. I stood in front of the door and asked, “Would you like to come in and have some tea? Perhaps we should talk more until the sky stops raining.”  

His cheeks flushed red and his cherry lips turned into a charming smile that made me thought that the sun had shined once again. He said, “How lovely it would be if the rain doesn’t stop at all.” I smiled in return and invited him in.

And that was the story of how I met the first man I killed.

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